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More than 15 years of online experience in design, advertising, building sites and hosting.

About Websites:

Building a website is like a “good” relationship.
You are always trying to improve and make it fruitful.
If you fall in love with the looks it’s also important that the content gets you exited.

How you fill your content is up to you.
what is up to us is the ease and environment to do it in.
Going back to our relationship metaphor, we think it’s important that you don’t have to make the    “reservation” you’ve got better thing to do.
You need a ready to go platform with a minimum of technical hurdles.
We’ll provide your table so the only thing you have to do is… sit down and enjoy your meal. (forget about the dishes, we’ve got you covered)

See prices and plans here

About Advertising:

It’s all about exposure.
You want your message out there and preferable seen by as many people as possible.
This is not an easy task, you need to prepare your campaign.
And that’s where we come in.
We own and work together with some major partners who provide very, very good traffic.
The ads we promote are seen and clicked multiple thousands of times every day.

#your first stap:
You need a banner and it happens to be so that We build banners in all kind of gradations.
Whether you want a simple text gif or a complex mov. with all the bells and whistles.
Just tell us what message you want out there and we’ll give it shape.
See examples

If your banner is ready the next stap would be exposure.
We offer multiple hot spots on a variety of sites we exploit.
Have a look how these hot spots are arranged in zones
A ground rule is that a banner never gets featured on one site in the adjacent zone twice.
You can if the spots are available feature your banner on more than one site.
The more different sites you reserve the more advantageously it gets.
See prices here.


Good hosting is essential for your site.
The last thing you want is that your site is unstable or even offline.
We offer great packages with one of the most reliable cloud hosting around.
Our servers have an up time from 99.9%
Next to that we offer shared hosting and private servers for a fraction of the costs when going somewhere else. 

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